Private Lesson

for Group



Private Group Surf Lessons are designed for groups (4 students minimum) who wants to take a private surf lesson together!  Let us show your group how to safely get out in the ocean & learn to ride some waves together!  An exceptionally fun way to experience surfing on the beautiful Ericeira coast.

Instructing our ‘group surf lessons’ in a private setting ensures that every single group member has the best and most memorable surfing experience possible.  From safety, to effectiveness, to good  fun; we’ve got your group covered!  Join with friends and family for a great day in Ericeira!  


*Interested in a work party?  Bring the whole staff down to the beach for a unique and team-building experience!

What Will You Learn?


  • How to choose the best surf equipment according with your level

  • Improving your paddling, and some beginners techniques

  • Understand the correct position in the line-up to surf unbroken waves

  • Priority rules

  • Shape, size and direction of the wave

  • Practicing paddling into the wave

  • Take-off on unbroken waves and turning

  • Front-side and back-side surfing

  • Manoeuvres: trimming (how to get speed)

  • Approach to advanced surfing techniques 


The lesson have 90 minutes to 120 minutes - Depending on sea conditions. 


Price : 50 € / per person


* Pricing includes wetsuit and surfboard, transfer from and to the beach and insurance for accidents.