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We think it’s time surf coaching grew up. We often hear experienced surfers say “I don’t need a surf lesson. I already surf.” We think this says a lot about the level of coaching people have come to expect. Surf schools have a reputation as having nothing to offer surfers beyond learning to stand up. Of course, there is a lot more fun to be had than that and the faster you improve, the more fun you have.


To join our advanced surfing sessions, you need to feel comfortable on the water, know the priority rules, be able to catch unbroken waves on your own and turn.


The lesson has 90 minutes to 120 minutes - Depending on sea conditions. 



Here, we are focus on:

  • Ocean knowledge

  • Surf equipment knowledge

  • Choose the best schedules and surf spots in order to practice advanced techniques with less crowd on the water

  • Ability to catch and ride unbroken waves

  • Practice the classic surfing line: trimming, bottom turn, top turn

  • Advanced manoeuvres: tube ridding, cut back, off the lip and floater.


The lesson has 90 minutes to 120 minutes - Depending on sea conditions. 


Price : 90€ / per session

* Pricing includes wetsuit and surfboard, transfer from and to the beach and insurance for accidents.

Coaching Group Session // Coaching em Grupo

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