The Surfriders Ericeira is, as the name already implies, all about surfing and the pure feeling of freedom that comes with the surfsport and a life by the ocean.

We open the doors and invite you to become a part of the Surfrider community while experiencing the portuguese surfing lifestyle like a local.

We are surfers by heart; grown up at the best surf spots of Portugal and know the portuguese coastline like nobody else.

And because surfing means everything to us, we decided to share our passion for the waves and the ocean and found Surfriders Ericeira in 2016.

Because we traveled a lot ourselves, we know how important it is to feel welcome. That´s why we do everything to make you feel home away from home.

If you like to get a little impression whats going on at Surfriders Ericeira, visit our gallery: 


At Surfriders we want you to get the most out of your holidays. Thats why we have a range of activities to complete your stay with us. 

From daily Yoga sessions over adventures trips- like hiking, biking or diving, to special tours like city trips, wine tasting or Jeep tours and many more. Our stuff is more than happy to advise you or you just click the bottom below and directly choose your personal next adventure. Life is too short to wast your time...


Since Surfriders has three Surf Villas, the Camps a Surf Shop and a Surf Meeting Point its easy to meet us.

The Surfriders Camp is located at Rua do Miramar, No 22, 2655-309 Ericeira - Portugal

The Surfriders Shop is located at Rua do Carmo, No 33, 2655-253 Ericeira - Portugal. And for the lessons  we meet at 

The Surfriders Surf-Meeting-Point is at Praia do Matadouro, Ericeira - Portugal

We can´t wait to meet you!


In october 2011, Ericeira was the first european surf destination to be awarded with the World Surfing Reserve title and only the 2nd Reserve to be distinguished worldwide and remains the only one in Europe until today.

The awards are a celebration of Ericeira’s beautiful beaches which include some of the best surf spots in the world. That´s why surfers from all over the world travel to Ericeira to ride our waves.

The old fisherman´s village has a lot to offer. Apart from being a relaxed surf town, Ericeira is known for it’s combination of traditional and modern portuguese charm. The beautiful scenery of blue and white architecture stretches through the entire cityscape. Its vibrant nightlife invites you to let go and dance through the night. The local and international restaurants make sure you get the best service while eating fresh and healthy delicacies.


Staying at Surfriders you will have everything the town has to offer by a few minutes walk, as well as the opportunity to escape the thundering “city life” and withdraw, recharge your batteries and just be.


Ericeira is very close to Lisbon and Sintra as well as many other spots worth visiting if you fancy a change of scenery. We are happy to advise you on how to make the most out of your vacation.