At Surfriders we know and understand the benefits of a surf-based Yoga practice. And because we want our guests to have the most out of their holidays and their surfing practice, we have daily Yoga classes and massage and physiotherapy sessions.


No matter if you are totally new to the world of Yoga or already an experienced Yogi or Yogini, our loving and professional Yoga teacher Lis will always make sure you get the most out of her classes.

Lis has been practicing Yoga for more than 9 years and because she also loves surfing, she truly understands the benefits of Yoga for the surfing practice. During the last years, she taught Yoga (Surf-Yoga Classes and special Yoga Retreats) in several Lodges and Surfcamps in Cape Town, South Africa, France and Portugal.
From beginners to advanced levels she'll always make sure you are safe on the mat and will guide you into amazing inner journeys.

YOGA FOR SURFERS: Yoga helps to strengthen the key physical points to the surfing practice, such as arms, legs, back and wrists. It minimises the risk of injuries and improves the recovery time after a surf session. 

By learning to know and accept your body, you´ll improve your surf skills and bring your body feeling to a whole other level. By calming down the mind, you will be more focused and more concentrated in the water.

HATHA & YIN YOGA: Energizing and re-vitalising Hatha Yoga to strengthen and tone your bodystructure and -posture / Deepening Yin Yoga to reach the fasciae structures, connective tissues and joints.  

Along your stay the Yoga classes will have basic and varied sequences.

Yoga Class adjustments
Yoga at the beach with Lis
yoga with lis
Beach yoga on the deck

Our massage therapist not only knows the human body and its individual needs, she also knows exactly what your body needs after a long surfing day. From wellness massages which bliss you out in no time to physical realignments and therapy, she knows exactly how to treat your body and how to give it the attention it needs.  

Its up to you if you just want to unwind and end your day with a calming and relaxing massage or if you want to get your well exercised surfing body some after-sport treatment. With US you are in good hands.