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Conditions & Policies for the activities




  1. The participation in the sport activities with Surf Riders & Co Ericeira, requires the reading and the acceptance of the Conditions & Policies for the activities and pre-reservation, and it is subject to availability (schedule, maximum number of participants per session and also, a maximum of two lessons per day, per person).


b) Any private activity or group activity available of Surf, SUP, tours, yoga, funcional training, wine tasting, visit a local Shaper, boat tours, diving baptism, bodyboard lessons, cannopy, trekking, rappel, paintball, reservation of special packs for groups or teambuiling and surfboard and wetsuits rentals, require the consultation of the rates in force and payment.


c) For all the participants all the rates in force are applicable. It is also compulsory the reading and the acceptance of the Conditions & Policies for the activities, and it is also subject to availability (schedule and maximum number of participants per session).


Bookings and cancellations


a) Activities described in our website – group or private sessions - can be purchased according to the rates in force.

b) In case of packages with accommodation and sport activities included, cancellation policy for individual bookings is applicable. Any cancellation/change, made within 60 days prior to the arrival, implies the charge of the total of the package rate as a cancellation fee. In case of no-show or early departure, the full amount of the package will be charged. We will pre-authorize the provided credit card as reservation guarantee.

c) Surf lessons’ packages require full payment before the first day of the activity regardless the its total usufruct - if the client don’t use the total of the package will be charge the full price without any refund. 

d) All the activities may occur between 7am and 8pm. Activities Surf, SUP, bodyboard lessons, have schedules by week to guarantee the best conditions. Other activities have availability on request, depending on whether conditions, number of participants. In hight season some of the activities have a monthly schedule (subject to changes).

e) Under all circumstances, all the booking made by client have to follow the cancellation policy described upon reservation / payment. Some reservations can be no-refundable, others have specific timings to cancel without penalty/ fees.

f) In case of payed activities, if the client does not attend or cancels the activity(ies) after the stipulated timing, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to charge the activity and it won’t be possible to reschedule it again as booking/buying a new one will be needed. Same applies for activities included in packages with accommodation.

g) Participants must attend the activities on time and once the activities started no participants can join the activity.

h) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira have the right to decide if weather conditions are suitable for the practice of activities - all the activities. 

i) Weather conditions: if there are no conditions for outdoor activities, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira will cancel it. Any activity cancel by Surf Riders & Co Erceira should be rescheduled as soon as possible or reconverted in other activities with the same value. In this case, non-refund will be applied. If the participant don’t have the chance to reschedule activities during the stay, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira will give a voucher with the same value, valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

j) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira don’t have a limited activity per day per person.

k) A minimum number of participants is required for some activities - this is described on the page product of each activity.

l) If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to cancel the activity and the obligation to inform the participants as soon as possible.

m) Age Policy: bookings and participation for children under 8 years old are subject to previous consultation and depend on the activities requirements. 

n) All the activities are organized by Surf Riders & Co Ericeira - you can reach us at our surf shops.

o) In case of unforeseen situations, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to cancel any booking and as well as the obligation to refund the participant/client. 




a) Activities Surf, Sup, Bodyboard Lessons and Surf Coaching, the material, insurance and VAT are included. All the other activities have VAT included. Please check each description in the activities to know if have the material and insurance included or not. 

b) Insurances against personal accidents and towards liability are guaranteed to each guest participating in sport activities. These insurances cover participant injuries during the practice of activities and of any other person involved and hurt during those activities, if the participant/client respects the terms of this document and coaches’ guidelines.

c) For personal accidents insurance, participant/client must declare not to have any medical conditions that can generate injuries during activities.

d) If the participant/client declares to suffer of any medical condition which may thwart or generate injuries during activity practice, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to deny the participant/client participation.

e) Insurances mentioned above will not cover any situation of injuries arising from physical inabilities not declared by the participant/client.

f) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira will guarantee that all the equipment provided is in good conditions. The participant is responsible for the provided equipment and must return it in the same conditions as received. In case of damage or loss, the equipment value will be charged to the participant/client.

g) During any activity, the participant/client must comply with all coaches’ instructions and should not disturb other members or interfere with the ability of the coach to conduct the class safely and securely.

h) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to exclude any participant/client that does not follow the terms and conditions, without refund. 

i) No participant/client will have permission to participate in any activity organized by Surf Riders & Co Ericeira under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances. In this case, Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to exclude any participant/client from the activity, without refund. 

j) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira / Surf Riders, Lda is by law excluded from any liability to the participant/client and is not responsible for any loss, damage or injury caused within the practice of the activities during the stay at this property.


Surf, SUP, Bodyboard Activities 

a) All the activities require payment before activity start.

b) The participant/client must recognize that inherent hazards may exist, both apparent and hidden, associated to Surf, SUP and Bodyboard activities. The participation in Surf, SUP and bodyboard sessions may involve injuries. No reimburse will be given in case of accident or other injury during these activities beyond the ones already included in the insurances mentioned above.

c) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the exclusive right to decide if the beach, weather and wave (or other factors) conditions may be unsafe to practice any Surf, SUP and Bodyboard activities and has the right to finish them at any time, without refund.

d) If the participant/client uses they own / private equipment there are no insurances in the cases. 




a) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira owns boards, wetsuits, bikes, skateboards and protections, that can be rented by the clients. Surf Riders & Co only assume availability for this equipment rentals upon booking and payment. 

c) The rentals of some kind of boards are only available for advanced surfers.

d) Equipment for rental does not include insurance. Upon rental of material, the client becomes responsible for it. In case of damage or loss, repair or replacement of material, it will be charged to the client. 

e) For any rent, the client must sign a term of responsibility and is obliged to pay for any personal accident or damages against others. Can be ask for a deposit / caution. 

f) Client must always use the equipment considering its purpose and are responsible for keeping its safety and conservation.

g) The client must return the rented equipment at the time of the rental period expire.

h) If the client returns the equipment after the rental expiration period, an extra use fee will be charged.

i) If the client returns the equipment before the rental expiration period, no refund will be giving.

j) The non-return of rented equipment will be notified and shall be subject to a criminal claim for theft against the practice of civil liability of the contract between the parties. 

k) In case of theft, the guest must immediately present a criminal claim and is responsible for the payment of the equipment value.

l) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to decline rentals to any client under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances.

m) Surf Riders & Co Ericeira has the right to decline the rental of Surf and SUP material to any client with a beginner or intermediate levels, to ensure its own safety and the safety of other surfers and users of the beach.

n) The client is responsible for his/her own insurance to cover personal and third-party accidents that may occur during the use of the rented equipment. All the responsibility relies on the client.

o) For cases not covered by these rules, the current Portuguese law is applicable. 



a) The booking of any activity requires the reading and the acceptance of the Activities General Conditions & Policies. 

b) All the conditions above are available at Surf Riders & Co Ericeira surf school and surf shop. 

c)Please note that some Activities are sold but not carried out by Surf Riders & Co Ericeira, different terms may apply to these Activities.

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